Guatemala Missions
As the Mayfield Church Guatemala mission group prepares for our seventh trip to that lovely country this summer, it is more clear than ever that, despite our best efforts, the people of Guatemala have changed our lives far more than we have affected theirs.
During previous trips, we have built a Christian Church and a church building; helped a deaf girl to get a cochlear implant; built houses, chicken coops and hen houses; installed stoves and got water into a small village. But most importantly, we have built many lifelong friendships with the missionaries and Guatemalan families we have met along the way. Mission work is about putting yourself in a situation that is unfamiliar and being vulnerable enough to let God grow in you spiritually and personally.  God has done a mighty work in many of the Mayfield Guatemalan mission team members, and we are looking forward to seeing what He has in store for us this time around.
We will be blessed to have the Chagrin Falls Methodist Church members join us for this year’s adventure, which will be July 13-20. They have been working for two years to encourage their congregation to participate in a mission such as this, and finally have been able to sign on for what will be their first mission outside the U.S.

We expect to have a large team this year, of all ages and levels of experience, so we have designed some ambitious goals, which include building three houses in Santa Domingo de Jesus, helping to administer a medical clinic, assisting with a growing feeding program and working on a new baby orphanage on the mission sites outside of Mexico, Guatemala which is about 30 minutes north of Guatemala City.