Partner Schools: Rowland and Adrian
Recent Events
May 16: Rowland PTA’s End-of-School Cookout. To volunteer, stop by the school (back playground) at 6:30. We’ll hand out hot dogs and condiments to our students and their parents while deejay Jim Rios gets everyone up and dancing!
May 29: Last Day of School for Rowland and Adrian Students.
May 30: Last Day of School for Teachers. The East Coast Custard Truck will visit Rowland at lunchtime, so our teachers and staff will have a treat (ice cream cone) from Mayfield Church.


Pictured: Phyllis Wright (left) helps teacher Christy Grande clean up at the end of the school year. Phyllis is a tutor/assistant in the second-grade classroom at Rowland.
Holy Donut Day
“Holy Donut Day” Sundays raise money to ship new books to the schools. This past February, Pastor Jan received the Ohio PTA Achievement Award for Mayfield’s ongoing involvement in Adrian’s free book program. Through the Holy Donut Day fund-raisers made possible by Patterson Fruit Farm, Mayfield has helped put 45,000 new books (worth nearly $500,000) into the hands of Adrian students. Our students are doing well: Adrian had the highest percentage of third-graders in the district pass the AIR (American Institutes for Research) state reading test in the fall.
HDD Nancy Patteron Ready for Customers
Spring Break Bags

This outreach is the largest single local missions project that Mayfield does each year! On Sunday, March 17, we packed 740 bags of snacks for our students at Rowland and Adrian. The following Wednesday, March 20, we transported the bags to our schools. Thank you, Church!                        

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