Pen Pal Ministry

How to be a Pen Pal at Mayfield Church:
1. Fill out the Pen Pal Questionnaire.
2. Email it to, drop it off in the church office, or send it to Mayfield Church, 7747 Mayfield Rd., Chesterland, OH 44026.
3. Wait for your Pen Pal’s Questionnaire to be sent to you. Once you get your Pen Pal’s information, set guidelines with one another on how often you are able to communicate (we suggest at least once a month for 6 months).
4. Start by writing a few other details and checking in with your Pen Pal! Need some ideas? Occasionally, you might want to add small flat items to the letters for extra fun. Weigh the envelope to make sure you have the proper postage, or mail it directly from your post office. What person doesn’t like to receive a little gift in the mail? Some suggestions:




Cute post it notes

Packet of seeds


Temporary tattoos


Mad Libs

Colorful paper clips

Paper dolls

Homemade art


Friendship bracelet


Paper airplane


Please email Rebecca Sulzer, Communications Coordinator, with any questions at