Zimbabwe Mission Trip
May – June 2019
Since 2014, Mayfield Church has partnered with Bethel Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to support Emsizini Secondary School, located in Kensington, Zimbabwe.  In this partnership, Mayfield Church has supported many capital improvements, including upgraded bathrooms, a science classroom building, a teachers cottage, and a home for the school caretaker and his family. School programming has been supported with the purchase of sewing machines, science classroom equipment, whiteboards, sports equipment, choir robes, and various teaching supplies. Additionally we have supported the school with our presence, with five adults and six college students visiting the school on five separate trips.
The current capital need at the school is a health clinic, which will serve the Kensington community in addition to the school. To date, close to $30,000 has been raised for the construction of the clinic. A health clinic at Emsizini will improve the overall health and the standard of living of the community.
We had planned that funds raised for Emsizini during the month of February would be used toward the health clinic. Unfortunately an urgent need has developed.  In January, the homes of 38 Emsizini students were bulldozed by the land owner.  The 38 displaced students are now at risk of dropping out of school for the semester.  Headmaster Kholwani Moyo has made arrangements to house up to 40 students at the school. Several things are needed to accomplish this, including bedding, cooking utensils, and food.  The estimated cost is $6,000 for the semester. Keep these 40 students and the entire student body and school staff in your prayers.
Contact John Parker at 330-289-4117 or parkerja89@gmail.com for more information.