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Connection Card

We are so glad you are worshiping with us today!! Please fill out the following information so we can stay connected. 

What service are you attending?
Spiritual Formation Survey (from February 12, 2023)

What tools do you need to navigate your journey toward Jesus and toward a love of others? Please pick three options from the list below and write them in the box.

- How to study the Bible as a part of following Jesus

- How to understand the Old and New Testaments (introduction)

- How to pray, including how to pray out loud for others

- How to fast and engage in other spiritual disciplines

- How to love and cultivate healthy relationships

- How to forgive past hurts and let go

- How to find “balance” in your busy life

- How to manage your time, talent and treasure

- How to trust God in your financial giving

- How to talk to someone about your faith

- How to be part of a service project at church

- How to become an advocate when someone is hurting, being abused or being discriminated against

- Your own idea!

I would like to know more info about:

Thank you! Have a great week.

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